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tetrad loose covers and new sofa covers

tetrad loose covers

tetrad replacement coverstetrad sofa covers

Tetrad amongst the best furniture money can buy. Usually very large furniture and quite often with removable loose covers in a washable damask. We have covered hundreds of tetrad models please see the list below. Tetrad normally make their covers a little on the big side we can recreate them to a more tailored fit than the originals using modern fabrics from our vast library.

Did you know we are one of the Uks largest independent loose cover makers. We have over 15 websites and have tremendous internet presence which generates us hundreds of enquiries every single week.

Not only do we offer tailored covers for all well known brands to include tetrad loose covers but we also produce sofa covers for any shaped style of sofa or chair.

One of our specialist tailors will visit your home to take very detailed patterns of your furniture. We will always follow the exact curves and shapes of your original furniture which will produce a beautifully fitted bespoke tailored loose cover.

Our fabric selection is vast and we would strongly recommend you call to our shop to view. You can then narrow your choices down and at this stage you are welcome to take a few books home to browse at your own leisure.

Abbey  Adelphi  Admiral Alana  Alicia  Alexis Annabel  Ambassador Astoria  Berkeley  Blythe Bolshoi  Bozart  Britten Brooklyn  Bugatti Burghley  Buster Cabriole  Cambridge  Cassius  Carla  Cezanne  Chancelloe Chatsworth  Chelsea Churchill  Cleopatra  Cossack Cuba  Debussy  Degas   Eastchester  Eastwood  Edward  Elgar  Ellen  Emily  Emma  Faded Glory    Francesca  Gatsby  Goodwood  Hamilton  Harlequin  Hartwell  Havana  Hayworth  Hexham  Infinity  Isabelle  Izmir  Julia  Kadinsky  Kensington  Lagonda  Lavinia  Lexington   Lucy  Ludgate  Magellan  Milan  Monroe  Mozart  Naomi  Nelson  Nicole  Old homer  Panama  Polo  Regent  Romsey  Rousseu  Rugby  Rumpole  Sandown  Sarah  Saratoga  Sheraton  Tanya  Vivaldi  Washington  Zanzabar  Zhivago

tetrad loose covers and sofa covers